The brief: Revive a dying brand

The response: Speights Southern Man

The insights that drove the multi-award winning success of this creative work came from deeply within the psyche of the kiwi male. The outcome was a love letter, to mateship, to pioneers, and to a very particular flavour of New Zealand’s masculine identity. A brand that embodied the gruff, contained, knowing, rugged male, with a sweet dose of humour to leaven the experience. It became utterly iconic. The brand surged from near-death to Number One. As the snapshot of the YouTube comments below shows, it still keeps connecting. Good on ya lads…


“Miss home watching this. GCs”


“I’m an Aussie living in your beautiful country, and this has to be my favourite ad(s) ever…”


“I feel all warm inside like I used to feel as a child watching these ads on tv in-between movies on a Saturday night.”


“I love that good old classic harmonica in the background and when it played you knew it was that awesome speights beer commercial :)”


“i remember this ad… man i miss home…”


“These ads were the best. Never thought once to turn them off or run out of the room when they came on. Just sheer gold!”