Workshop/String Manifesto

Our role is to make a difference.

What that means is unique to every business we work with.

Using sustainable and human operating models, we help build strength and resilience within a business,

We start by lifting the bonnet on your engine and understanding:

- How the business is being run.

- How your people and your customers are thinking and feeling, and what’s driving their behaviours.

- How well value is being created.

- And critically, how well your story is being told.

Working with the insights this process unearths enables us to help businesses create engaging and motivating experiences, inside and out.

We have an open-source attitude to the tools we create.

We support access to ideas and frameworks that open space for development for anyone that is interested – whether they work with us for not. 

Our DNA is a triple-helix, entwining integrity, commitment and curiosity.